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The referrals course is excellent. It was exactly what I needed to kick-off a referrals system. The contacts’ responses have been positive! — Leonid M.

Asking “What should I do to find new clients?”

Then you’ll want to order “Referral Systems,” a video and audio training with scripts and templates for you to use to implement your very own referral system in your business.

What would another 3-6 clients this year mean for your business? For many consultants, that’s the difference between ‘feast’ or ‘famine.’

How many freelancers have a system to get more referrals?

Not that many.

In a piece of market research from business consultant Michael Rozburch, there’s this fact:

63.4% of freelancers felt over 50% of their business came from referrals — and yet 79.9% admitted they had no system to get more clients through referrals.

(Imagine how great those 79.9% would be doing if they had a system to get more clients through referrals…)

What’s the value of a referral?

Speaking with one consultant who runs a development shop, she mentioned an amazing fact, the return she experiences on proposals she sends out:

New Clients

For new clients, for every $10,000 in proposals she sends out, she makes $3,000, on average, with 30% of proposals being accepted by the client.

Repeat Client Projects

Repeat client projects are better. Because she has an already established relationship with her past clients, for every $10,000 in proposals she sends out, she makes $9,000 on average.

Referral Clients

When she started analyzing her business with this in mind, she looked at the clients that came in as a referral. What she found was that these referrals clients were her most valuable segment of clients!

For every $10,000 in proposals she sent out to referrals, she made $16,000.

What? How.

It was because the referral clients were coming in already primed by the referral to work with her.

The leads referred to her for projects frequently asked for more, more often. And they were happy to pay for it.

These were her ideal clients.

Because they came in as a referral, they were qualified and they were ready to work together.

When the first project was complete, they were immediately ready to work together on a second project.

Everything else was just in the details.

Wondering how to find your next lead? It's probably with referrals

When you get a referral, you’re getting someone that has been specifically selected because of their match for you.

You’ve created a ‘Referable Moment’ by educating someone — a colleague, a past client, a friend in the industry — on who your ideal client is, what problems you can solve for them, and what outcomes you can generate for clients. And now they know exactly who to refer to you.

What if you had 5, 10, 20+ people who were on the lookout for your ideal clients for you? And when they found one, they knew exactly how to refer someone to you?

You’d have an endless stream of your dream clients.

But how do you put a referral system into place?

Won’t it take hours?

It won’t.

How do you get started with referrals? What should you do first?

I’ve recorded a video and audio course and paired it with digital resources (email templates, web page templates, phone scripts, sample letters) that will teach you how to put a referral system into place in your business.

In the video and audio recordings, you’ll learn thirteen different referral systems you can implement in your business, starting as soon as today.

You’ll learn…

  • 13 different referral systems that you can use — not just the same advice on “talk to your past clients,” but thirteen different systems, including one I learned when it was used on me
  • The different types of referral sources you can tap into
  • How to identify who your ideal client is, so you can tell your referral sources exactly what leads to send to you
  • Sample scripts you can use in person, on the phone, in writing, or over email to ask for referrals
  • How to educate clients on why they should send referrals to you and exactly how to send referrals to you
  • How to create an authentic, systematic approach to stimulate conversation, educate people, collect leads, and convert referrals into customers
  • How to guarantee that your prospects are able to go into the details on why someone should hire you — and not just recommend you as ‘a good person to work with’

What's included?

You'll receive the 10-lesson video course (“Referral Systems”) that will show you how to set up a referral system for your business.

Plus, you’ll get bonuses to help accelerate your referrals:

Referral Systems Audio Library

You'll receive access to an audio library of 30 audio lessons in response to questions from freelancers and consultants about setting up a referral system

Referral Systems Quickstart Guide

Jump ahead implementing your Referral System with this Quickstart Guide

Referral Email Signature, Phone Script, and Email Templates

You’ll get resources you can dive into and start using over email or on the phone.

How do I order?

Tap the big, green button “Add to Cart” button below and complete checkout. Your copy of Referral Systems will arrive in your inbox 👍.