Freelance Camp (One Year Membership)

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A community for independent freelancers and consultants. Being independent doesn’t mean being alone.

As an indie freelancer or consultant, we often don't have a strong community that understands what we do. 

Maybe you've experienced this first hand. 

If you have a hard day, who can you talk to about it? 

"Oh, you poor thing, not having a boss and getting to make your own hours. You've got no room to complain... let me tell you what MY jerk boss did to ME!"

If you have a great month who can you talk to about it? 

"You made more money this month than I do in six? Shut up, I don’t want to talk to you."

Your friends don't understand exactly what it is that you do. 

"Don't you just hang out in coffee shops all day? You're home all day, why don't you just take care of the errands since you're not doing anything..."

Grow with a community of your peers

What if you had a community of your peers to talk to, people who understand the unique challenges that you go through as a business owner? 

What about when you have questions about running your business? Where are you supposed to go? What if you were able to talk with a community of freelancers and consultants and get answers to your questions. 

What if you could just be around people who understand you?

Presenting, Freelance Camp

You're invited to join Freelance Camp, a community made up if freelancers and consultants, just like you. 

I grew up with forums and bulletin boards. 

It was so helpful to have a place I could check once a day, catch up on the threads, leave a reply or three, and then log out for a day or two. 

The value of belonging to a community that understands you is huge. Having people you can bounce ideas off of, celebrate a new client project with, and share in the challenges of freelancing... the value really can't be overstated. 

The biggest growth for my business was when I joined a community of freelancers and consultants:

  • We shared information with each other
  • We answered each other's’ questions
  • We helped each other write emails
  • We shared in the joys and the pains of being independent business owners

"What do people have to say about Freelance Camp?"

Here are kind words from a few of our members:

Every week we have a community video call where we talk about life and business and that's been very energizing for me.

Being someone who is alone almost all the time during work and wanting to interact with more fellow freelance colleagues, I had zero hesitation to joining Freelance Camp.

On top of providing a much-needed sense of community in an often very isolating profession, being part of Freelance Camp has increased my network substantially, gotten me work, helped me find mastermind groups, and sparked ideas for new services.

I like how well everyone treats each other in Camp and how positive the vibe is. Every week we have a community video call where we talk about life and business and that's been very energizing for me.

This is my favorite online community! I've already invited at least 10 people to join.

David Colgan - Owner, Less Boring Solutions (

“How do I know this is for me?”

Are you an independent business owner? Are you a freelancer or a consultant?

Are you looking to get questions answered about growing your freelance or consulting business?

Are you looking for some fellow freelancers or consultants for friends?

Then Freelance Camp is your place. We are of the same tribe.