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Get consistent leads without spending hours doing market research or writing highly personalized emails.

I've been asked by many people on my email list to help them learn what to do to get more leads.

To help you achieve that goal, dear reader, I’ve crafted a short, actionable, tactical book that will tell you what to do to get more leads.

You'll get instructions on what to do. You get to do the work.

How You Will Benefit

You'll get specific ”Do This, Not That” direction on what actions to take to get more leads.

What To Expect

Get More Leads covers seven essential skills (in seven lessons) to help you practice the skills you’ll need to get more leads.

After you read this book, you'll have skills for life that you can use again and again to help you get more leads.

With Get More Leads, you’ll receive direction on what you need to do. Expect to still have to do the work.

If this description arouses some sort of interest and/or yearning in you, you can order your own copy.

What do people have to say about Get More Leads?

Here’s a customer testimonial from Bradley L.

I got my first leads after reading your book Get More Leads.

I've been trying for months to get my first leads, nothing doing.

Read your book, light bulbs went off, and I've sold my first service engagement.

That’s a 50x return on investment. It was like a light switch.

— Bradley L.

Get More Leads is available for order today

Get More Leads is available for order today. Tap the big, green button “Add to Cart” button and complete checkout. Your copy of Get More Leads will arrive in your inbox in a few minutes 👍.