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I've been asked to make a video training program available that explains, in detail, how to set up an automated outreach system for your business.

This video training breaks down how you can approach prospecting, qualification, and craft a 95% automated outreach system.

This process is the exact process and system I run for myself and all of my outreach clients.

“What will I learn in Outreach Mastery?"

You'll learn:

  • How to master the outreach process with a systematic approach
  • Two different methods you can use to build your prospect list
  • How to turn domains into email addresses
  • The importance of visually qualifying websites before you email them
  • The tools to use to enhance your list with personalized information (at the cost of pennies per person!)
  • How to use my favorite outreach service to send automated outreach campaigns

And benefit from expert interviews on outreach and writing outreach emails with:

  • Liston Witherall on Copywriting and Calls-to-Action
  • Jake Jorgovan on Outreach Systems
  • Robert Williams on Writing Effective Emails
  • Steli Efti on Follow-Up

And you'll have access to my 'Outreach Template Library,' to use as a starting point for the emails in your outreach campaign.

“What topics are covered?"

The topics covered in Outreach Mastery are

Mastering The Outreach Process

  • Video 1: Better, more targeted outreach (overview of strategy, concepts, and systems)
  • Video 2: List Building with BuiltWith (how to generate a list of leads using BuiltWith)
  • Video 3: List Building with NerdyData (how to build a list of leads using NerdyData)
  • Video 4: Turn Domains into Emails (using Hunter + your lead list)
  • Video 5: Visually Qualifying Websites (how to screen for ‘good fit’ and ‘not a good fit’ using BuzzStream)
  • Video 6: Enhancing your list with Clearbit (how to go from ‘email’ to ’name, email, address, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn title…)

Mastering Your Outreach Tools

  • Video 1: Cleaning your lead list with NeverBounce
  • Video 2: Overview of ReplyApp (for automatically sending email to leads)
  • Video 3: Setting up a campaign in ReplyApp
  • Video 4: Importing your outreach list to ReplyApp
  • Video 5: Connecting Reply and Pipedrive (for turning ‘a reply’ into ’a conversation in your CRM)
  • Video 6: Overview of MailShake (for automatically sending emails to leads)

Expert Interviews

  • Jake Jorgovan on Outreach Strategies
  • Liston Witherall on Writing Effective Emails
  • Robert Williams on Writing an Effective Email
  • Steli Efti on Follow-Up

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