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Outreach Mastery

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<p>I&#39;ve been asked to make a video training program available that explains, in detail, how to set up an automated outreach system for your business.</p>

<p>This video training breaks down how you can approach prospecting, qualification, and craft a <em>95% automated</em> outreach system.</p>

<p>This is the exact process and system I run for myself and all of my clients.</p>

<h2>“What will I learn in Outreach Mastery?&quot;</h2>

<p>You&#39;ll learn:</p>

    <li>How to master the outreach process with a systematic approach</li>
    <li>Two different methods you can use to build your prospect list</li>
    <li>How to turn domains into email addresses</li>
    <li>The importance of visually qualifying websites before you email them</li>
    <li>The tools to use to enhance your list with personalized information (at a cost of pennies per person!) </li>
    <li>How to use my favorite outreach service to send automated outreach campaigns</li>

<p>And benefit from expert interviews on outreach and writing outreach emails with:</p>

    <li>Liston Witherall on Copywriting and Calls-to-Action</li>
    <li>Jake Jorgovan on Outreach Systems</li>
    <li>Robert Williams on Writing Effective Emails</li>
    <li>Steli Efti on Follow-Up</li>

<p>And you&#39;ll have access to my &#39;Outreach Template Library,&#39; to use as a starting point for the emails in your outreach campaign.</p>

<h2>“What topics are covered?&quot;</h2>

<p>The topics covered in Outreach Mastery are</p>

<h3>Mastering The Outreach Process</h3>

    <li>Video 1: Better, more targeted outreach (overview of strategy, concepts, and systems)</li>
    <li>Video 2: List Building with BuiltWith (how to generate a list of leads using BuiltWith)</li>
    <li>Video 3: List Building with NerdyData (how to generate a list of leads using NerdyData)</li>
    <li>Video 4: Turn Domains into Emails (using Hunter + your lead list)</li>
    <li>Video 5: Visually Qualifying Websites (how to screen for ‘good fit’ and ‘not a good fit’ using BuzzStream)</li>
    <li>Video 6: Enhancing your list with Clearbit (how to go from ‘email’ to ’name, email, address, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn title…)</li>

<h3>Mastering Your Outreach Tools</h3>

    <li>Video 1: Cleaning your lead list with NeverBounce</li>
    <li>Video 2: Overview of ReplyApp (for automatically sending email to leads)</li>
    <li>Video 3: Setting up a campaign in ReplyApp</li>
    <li>Video 4: Importing your outreach list to ReplyApp</li>
    <li>Video 5: Connecting Reply and Pipedrive (for turning ‘a reply’ into ’a conversation in your CRM)</li>
    <li>Video 6: Overview of MailShake (for automatically sending emails to leads)</li>

<h3>Expert Interviews</h3>

    <li>Jake Jorgovan on Outreach Strategies</li>
    <li>Liston Witherall on Writing Effective Emails</li>
    <li>Robert Williams on Writing an Effective Email</li>
    <li>Steli Efti on Follow-Up</li>

<p><strong>Outreach Mastery is available for purchase today</strong></p>

<h3>Order Outreach Mastery Today</h3>

<p>You can order Outreach Mastery today for $200.</p>

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