Quick Start Lead Forms

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Screen your prospects with a Lead Form — and keep the monsters out of your inbox.

Quick Start Lead Forms will show you exactly what to do to set up a Lead Form for your business.

You'll be able to follow the video instructions to get started and watch the video reviews of consultant Lead Forms, learning from what they're doing right.

  • Do you have a defined set of questions that you ask?
  • Do you screen for fit before you get on that first call?
  • Do you set expectations with them on when your availability might be?

In Quick Start Lead Forms you'll receive a pair of videos walking you through the key elements of a lead form for your business, along with two bonus guides and the Client Intake Cheat Sheet guide.

You'll learn:

  • 3 different tools you can use for your lead form
  • The specific questions to ask on your lead form to learn about your lead's business (with an 18-question library)
  • What consultants include on their confirmation page after the prospect applies to keep the relationship growing
  • What "Qualifying Questions" to ask, like “Do you have a budget?” or “How can I help?”
  • How to get prospects talking and tell you exactly what service they want to pay you for

You'll also receive three videos reviewing lead forms from a selection of consultants, including:

  • Nick Disabato
  • Kurt Elster
  • My own application form

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