The Damn Fine Email Checklist

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This is a new primer that serves as a checklist to help you write better emails.

Get 10 Tips To Help You Write Emails That Get Replies

You'll receive 10 tips to help you write better emails. Emails that get replies.

Each tip has ~200 words of advice and direction that you can immediately start applying to your emails, like...

  1. Make the email 'you' focused
  2. Learn their language
  3. Follow-up
  4. Add value to your emails
  5. Personalize your email
  6. Give a specific 'call-to-action'
  7. Small asks first
  8. Invite the no
  9. Be brief
  10. Read the email as if you were the recipient

In The Damn Fine Email Checklist, you'll have a short checklist paired with targeted advice on how to write 'damn fine' emails that get replies.

You can apply this advice to your follow-up emails, outreach emails, proposal emails, or daily business emails.

How much is this?

The Damn Fine Email Checklist is available for purchase today. You can place your order for $5.

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